Aspahlt in a Bag

Best Cold Mix Asphalt

Permanent Pothole Solutions, Australia’s leading brand of asphalt and bitumen products has featured in several industry magazines and is now taking Australia by storm.

The reason our products are so valued by clients is because of the ease of use. This alone will save you time and money. The choice is simple. Asphalt in a Bag is the very best product on the market, especially when you consider the ease of use and the affordability.

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15kg Bag/Bucket | 20kg Bag/Bucket | 1 Tonne Bag.

Available in a Range of Handy Sizes!

Asphalt in a Bag

Product Profile & Information

Our product is available in Four (4) ready to use different grades.

  • 5 Gauge Mix
  • 7 Gauge Mix
  • 10 Gauge Mix
  • 14 Gauge Mix

• all weather road repair solution.
• can be applied at -26 degrees Celsius.
• will perform just as well during hot and rainy days at temperatures reaching 49 degrees Celsius.

is an easy to use and very effective means of doing
road repairs.

1 x 20kg bag of Asphalt in a Bag/Bucket Permanent Cold
Patch will cover approximately 1⁄2 a Square Metre at
22mm thickness.

No Tack Coat required. Drive on it immediately.