Rubberised Crack Filler

Rubberised Crack Filler

Cracks in your asphalt/bitumen look unsightly and will also result in further damage occurring. Permanent Pothole Solutions Rubberised Crack Filler repairs the small cracks in your asphalt or bitumen.

We have two products which can be used for crack repair:

The Premium Rubberised Crack Filler is formulated with urethanefortified
polymers to produce a flexible, durable, long-lasting seal
over cracks in asphalt surfaces.
• Dries to a matte black finish.
• Bonds and seals.
• Resists oil, grease and salt.
• Won’t dry out, crumble, run or bubble.
• Adheres to wood, metal, masonry and fiberglass.

If you require a rubberised product, simply get in touch for a chat and ask us what we can do for you. Repairing your asphalt/bitumen cracks can save you money long term and are essential to maintaining your asphalt/bitumen surfaces. CALL NOW!

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