Asphalt & Bitumen Repair Products

Permanent Pothole Solutions are Manufacturers & Distributors of Australia’s favourite Asphalt and Bitumen Repair Products for projects such as Road Resurfacing, Utility Cuts, Driveway Repairs, & Pothole Repairs.

It just makes sense to use Asphalt in A Bag for all of your Asphalt and Bitumen repair projects.

Permanent Pothole Solutions are the Australian distributors of Asphalt in a Bag and Crack Filler. Our products are well known for being among the leading Asphalt and Bitumen repair products around the world and are now available to you right here in OZ.

Road Repair - Driveway Repairs

Road Repair

Asphalt In A Bag is perfect for use on bitumen roads to keep you safe and reduce damage to vehicles using the road ways

Driveway Repair - Asphalt in a Bag

Driveway Repair

Asphalt Driveways can be prone to potholes and erosion. Asphalt In A Bag makes it easy to repair damaged bitumen driveways

Pothole Repair - Cold Patch Bitumen

Pothole Repair

Pothole Repair products can be messy and difficult to use at the best of times. With Asphalt In A Bag, things just got much easier!


Not in Colour, we mean GREEN for the Environment.

"Asphalt in a Bag" GREEN has ZERO VOC’s will NOT leech any hydrocarbons endorsed by the National Eco-Friendly Energy Council USA 12mth shelf life when sealed Considered an Environmentally Preferable Purchase (EPP).

Providing High Quality Pothole Repair Solutions at
Competitive Prices.

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Bitumen Repair

Bitumen Repair products are supposed to stand the test of time and be easy to install. That’s exactly why people love using Asphalt In A Bag! Our bitumen repair products are stocked by some of the biggest names in home and hardware Australia wide.

Asphalt In A Bag is easy enough for just about anyone to install and helps to reduce damage to vehicles and maintains your road surfaces and driveways.

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair products can be a great investment ensuring that your Asphalt Driveway or Asphalt Surfaces are maintained for maximum longevity. Not only is Asphalt InA Bag convenient to use, it’s also conveniently stocked at most major hardware suppliers Australia wide.

Just ask your local hardware for Asphalt In A Bag, and if they don’t stock it, ask them why not? Many of our clients have told us how they were able to use Asphalt In A Bag combined with our premium Crack Filler products to completely restore damaged asphalt surfaces while saving money on hiring a tradesman to carry out repairs.

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