About Us

Permanent Pothole Solutions, Australia’s leading pothole repair company offering a range of bitumen and asphalt repair products to assist both residential and commercial pothole repair requirements.

Our Exclusive Product is called “Asphalt in a Bag” and it is the only polymer modified dense grade permanent cold patch available in Australia. Our product is available in four different grades and in various packaging options including 15kg and 20kg bags and buckets.

“Asphalt in a Bag” has a 12 month shelf Life.

We are 100% Australian Owned and been operating for over 10 successful years and continue to grow Australia Wide.

Contact and Friendly and Helpful Team to discuss Sales and Distribution to Australia’s favourite asphalt and bitumen repair products for projects such as;

  • Road Repairs.
  • Storm Repairs.
  • Driveway Repair.
  • Pothole Repairs.
  • Repair Utility Cuts

Permanent Pothole Solutions repair all your Asphalt Repairs with ease.

What Makes Asphalt in a Bag Unique?

“Asphalt in a Bag” permanent Cold Patch Solution, when applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications is guaranteed to adhere permanently to the repaired area or until the surrounding pavement area fails.

  • Asphalt in a Bag is a permanent repair solution due to its ability to expand and contract with the road’s surface.
  • The curing process for Asphalt in a Bag is activated by impact.
  • Asphalt in a Bag will bond to asphalt, concrete, steel and even wood.
  • Asphalt in a Bag can be used in any weather conditions and can also be applied directly to wet areas such as potholes full of water.
  • NO pre-coating or tack coating is required.
  • Asphalt in a Bag application is five times faster than the average solution.
  • Asphalt in a Bag can be exposed to traffic immediately.
  • Asphalt in a Bag is available in three different gauges to cater for different road types.
  • Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

If Asphalt in a Bag ever unravels or releases from the repaired area we will replace the asphalt without any service charge.

About Us - Permanent Pothole Solutions