Best Bitumen Driveway Repair Product

Best Bitumen Driveway Repair Product is called Asphalt in a Bag and it is available throughout every state of Australia through our distributors 

Coates Hire, Mitre 10 and popular Home Timber & Hardware outlets or if its more convenient you can order direct through us.

Asphalt in a Bag is what we call a Cold Patch Repair Mix that provides an affordable long lasting high performing asphalt repair solution that anyone can do. There is no Skills required, and anyone can do.

When it comes to patching potholes – you need to use a product that you can trust to get the results – do it right the first time is the only way!

Why is Asphalt in a Bag the Best?

No Heating or Mixing Required

No tack coating needed

Repairs Potholes for immediate use.

Tight Permanent bond to surrounding area

For the best Bitumen repair product look no further – Asphalt in a Bag has made repairing Driveways in 4 easy steps.

  1. Remove all loose material – Sweep area thoroughly
  2. Fill the hole with Asphalt in a bag mixture
  3. Compact to correct level with a tamper
  4. Traffic can begin immediately thereafter.

Permanent Pothole Solutions is a Brisbane based company offering home owners, business operators that require the best do it yourself bitumen repair Solutions where you are in control.

Contact our head office if you need some urgently or visit our Asphalt in a bag retailers.