Asphalt in a Bag – How Does It Work?

Asphalt in a Bag – How Does It Work?

Asphalt in a Bag has to be one of the most simple and effective bitumen and asphalt repair products on the market full stop.  It’s easy to use, cost effective and the results speak for themselves.  Asphalt in a Bag can be purchased from leading hardware, home improvement and landscapting stores around Australia.

So if you need to repair your asphalt or bitumen, there is only one choice:  Asphalt in a Bag!

Asphalt in a Bag At Selected Coates Hire Outlets

You can purchase Asphalt in a Bag at selected Coates Hire outlets across Australia.  If you would like to know which Coates Hire stores stock Asphalt in a Bag simply visit our Stockists page and search the list of Asphalt in a Bag stockists near you.

The Asphalt in a Bag products are the perfect way to fix asphalt and bitumen driveways and road surfaces requiring a little tender loving care.  Fixing these issues can also limit liability and potential accidents at home and in the workplace.